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New thriller

Publication of The Vow was a high point of last year. It was a #1 ebook bestseller, and has over a thousand reviews on Amazon, which is the most any of my books has ever had!

Coming up, there’s a whole lot more exciting book news to share. It starts with this beautiful cover for my next thriller, out in January 2022 (to avoid any confusion, published in the US as The Stepdaughter).

I loved writing this – it’s set during a typical English winter of rain and fog, in a fictional West Sussex village where every family has a secret. The only teenagers in the village, Niamh and Hollie tell each other everything, until one day, after Hollie tells Niamh about a devastating discovery, she vanishes.

The villagers claim to know nothing, until Hollie’s body is found and the police know one of their number isn’t just a liar but a killer…

I can’t wait for this book to be out in the world. It includes some dark subject matter, including emotionally abusive relationships which I’ve done my best to cover sympathetically and it’s already gathering some wonderful reviews on Netgalley:

  • This book sucked me in at page one and kept me turning the pages

  • This story will keep you guessing to the end

  • There were difficult issues tackled well and with sympathy

  • The ending is amazing and unexpected. It’s definitely one I’ll be recommending

  • It definitely deserved five stars

Huge thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed both these books. I’m so, so grateful because it really does make a difference.

But it doesn’t end there because I’m thrilled to share that Avon have also bought my next thriller, to be published in 2023. More news on that to follow.

P.S. Even more super-exciting book news to come, which I can’t wait to share. Watch this space!!

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