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One of the ideas behind this blog was to diarise where we’re at with the various projects we're working on, so here goes… I’m in the early stages of writing my fifth psychological thriller. But as I start, I’m completing two other, very different novels.

The first, working title Hiding in Plain Sight, is a dystopian novel set in the US and London, about the underlying reason behind escalating world events and a young woman’s quest for the truth.

The second is a book Martin and I are writing together. It's an on-off love story, except it’s much more than that. Its working title is Real. There are interwoven themes of love, loss and heartbreak; it’s also about second chances and how almost anything is possible. But sometimes, our strongest beliefs are challenged, our strongest desires thwarted, because sometimes, despite our best efforts to keep doing what we’re doing, the universe has plans of its own…

Here’s an extract:

I called you one morning. It was early. I’d stopped by the little church, pulling over under the magnolia tree which was in full flower, some of its huge petals scattered on the grass. Remember we used to meet there sometimes, to walk through countryside that you always said your dad would have loved to paint, with its patchwork of soft hedges, undulating fields and Constable-esque trees, an archetypal English landscape.

The sun was shining, a breeze dancing through the air, as I waited for you to answer. ‘I’m giving our story an ending!’ I was excited about the seed of an idea that had drifted into my head.

‘But you’re not going to tell me.’ You knew that thing I had, about not telling anyone about an idea until it was fully formed – and hopefully, mostly written. But this was different.

‘You’ll have to wait, Anderson.’ I was teasing you. ‘But I promise, one day, I’ll send it to you.’

There’s a lot in this book, about life, love, heartbreak, change. I believe it’s a story that many people will relate to. But it’s also a story about hope. At the end of the day, our lives are small, but great things can happen…

Other projects include the novel, Signed Vincent, that Martin has blogged about, and a new idea that is still quite hush-hush, because it really is true that if you tell too many people in the early stages of an idea, you risk losing the magic. It’s the idea that came to us driving through northern Spain, but that’s all I can say – for now…

By the way… these beauties arrived in yesterday’s post:

This is the US version of my fourth book, currently out in hardback, with the paperback out next month. Published here as The Death of Her, the UK paperback is out at the end of this year…

I’m giving away three copies!

Details on my Facebook page, Debbie Howells writer…

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