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Debbie Howells

I completed my first novel in 2007. At the time, I was running a wedding flower business alongside a busy life being a mother. Juggling home and work, somewhere in there, I managed to self-publish three books.

The third, Wildflowers, almost found me an agent, but not quite! It was after that, in 2013, that I wrote The Bones of You, my first psychological thriller and found my agent, Juliet Mushens. My first book deal with Pan Macmillan followed soon after.

Since, I've had three more psychological thrillers published. My fifth, The Vow, is my first to be published by Avon, I’m delighted to say! I write full time, but for the first time in a while, there are other projects going on – as well as my next thriller, I’m working on a couple of books in a different genre – one of them with Martin.

I passionately believe in following your dreams. I'm inspired by beauty in all its forms, be it nature, words, music, the sky, sunsets; by the ideas of synchronicity and coincidence, connectedness, the untapped power of our minds; by my children, by the growing realisation of just how little I will ever know… 

Debbie Howells




Martin Henson

My life's experience has been surprising. I have never applied for work. All my jobs have come as a result of people I've met along the way. From a teenager collecting eggs on a Sussex chicken farm to becoming Laurence Olivier's window cleaner, to writing and releasing the 1982 Glastonbury festival official single, to playing live on Radio 1 alongside Johnny Rotten, to voiceover artist for various radio stations including Capital FM, to advertising copywriting for brands including Marks & Spencer and UniLever, to being an "independent marketing specialist" on BBC Radio 5 current affairs programmes, to live cricket commentary in Jamaica, to marketing director for an international marketing agency.

Now, my aim is to combine the best bits of all my experiences to write words and music - novels, blogs, songs, film scores and whatever else comes to the surface.

In addition, I'd like to help others who are interested in making major life changes. In 2012 I set about changing my own life when I wanted to lose weight and give up drink. I succeeded in losing a significant amount of weight, but also being free of alcohol for the last six years has happily led me somewhere I could never have imagined.

Martin Henson


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